Light Bulbs

    • Compact Fluorescents
      All Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - All Types - Self Ballasted, Pin Based, Single, Twin and Triple Tubes.
    • Metal Halide
      High Intensity Discharge bulbs that have a crisp white light. These bulbs are used in outdoor and indoor applications where color rendition is important.
    • High Pressure Sodium
      High Pressure Sodium Bulbs are most often used for roadway lighting. They are the lights that are yellow/amber color. Although they are very efficient light sources, They have bad color rendition.
    • Mercury Vapor
      Mercury Vapor lamps are used in outdoor applications and have a greenish color to the light. You will find these bulbs in older style pole lighting and landscape lighting.
    • HID
      High Intensity Discharge bulbs - Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, High and Low Pressure Sodium bulbs