Led Flood Lights

LED flood light fixtures are a very affordable alternative for those interested in upgrading their outside security lights and landscaping lights. When we talk about LED flood lights, we are describing the standard fixture that can be installed on the ground or attached to a building and has one or multiple LEDs and can be pointed in any direction. These are different from "Area Lights" that typically are suspended from poles and are only pointed down, or "Wall Packs" that are installed on building walls.


When replacing your outside lights with an LED fixture, make sure you get a as fixture that is rated for IP65 or greater. This insures that the fixture can withstand all sorts of weather, specifically rain. If your fixture might end up in a pool of water after a hard rain, you should try to find one that is rated for IP67 or better. This rating is only given to fixtures that can withstand a total immersion of 15 centimeters for 30 minutes or more.


The standard rule of thumb for measuring LED light output is to multiply the LED fixture wattage times 5 to get a comparable incandescent or halogen light source. So a 30W LED fixture is comparable to a 150W Halogen or incandescent light. If possible, you should try to test a lamp fixture in the location you want to install it to see how it looks in place. LED light differs from incandescent and halogen light in a few ways. At Bulb and Battery Center, we have sample fixtures that we have all ready prepared for use and make them available to local electricians and contractors for bigger jobs. 



Many LED flood fixtures that are being produced today have a higher kelvin temperature than halogen and incandescent flood fixtures. That is the "color" of the light that is emitted. As you can see by the diagram on the left. The standard LED flood is 5500K, which is a bright white light, compared to an incandescent or halogen which are typically a warm 2600 - 3000K. The higher kelvin temperature is preferred by many and makes an excellent security light. Some may feel that it is too "cool" as a wall washer. Find out if a "warmer" color LED fixture is available, if you are replacing an incandescent or halogen fixture. 


Color rendition is another factor when replacing the halogen and incandescent fixtures. CRI or Color Rendition Index, gives us a score that shows how well a light source can display different shades of color. No other lights reproduce colors more accurately than incandescent light, with a CRI score of 100. LED fixture are improving, but most offer a CRI of 75 - 85.


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