Good LED's never die, they just seem to fade away.

Posted by Jack Reilly on 9/14/2020 to LED News
LED lamps and fixtures last much longer than the packaging states. The lifetime of LED lamps is based on the number of hours it takes in ideal working conditions to reach 70% of its initial lumen output. Well, kinda sorta. Manufacturers also have to take into consideration how many time will it be turned on and off. LED lighting requires a driver or ballast to regulate the electricity going into the LED itself. The driver is more apt to fail before the LED ever does. Turning the LED on and off, will reduce the lifetime of the led light or fixture. Manufacturers will; often state that their calculations are based on the lamp being on for 3 hours at a time. That means if an LED light or fixture says 30,000 hour life, the manufacturer has calculated that it will be turned on and off 10,000 times.