Longest Warranty offered for projector lamps - 2 Full Years!

Bulb and Battery is now offering the longest warranty in the business for many popular replacement projector lamps. 

Our HYX brand lamps will deliver the same brilliant performance and longevity as the original bulb that was in your projector when it was new. We know this because we use the same genuine OEM bulb!

These are complete lamp modules. No need to fumble around with the lamp housing and bare bulb, just slide out the old module and insert the new HYX brand lamp. It's the easiest way to replace the lamp in your projector. 

Even though our HYX brand projector lamps have a 2 year warranty, where the original manufacturer only offers a 90 day warranty, we are still less expensive. You will save anywhere form 10% - 85% off of the price of a lamp that is supplied from the projector manufacturer. 

Check out these comparisons:

Epson Brand ELPLP40 = $499.00 / 90 Day Warranty (price advertised on Epson website June 2019)

NEC Brand NP20LP = $309.00 / 90 Day Warranty (price advertised on NEC website June 2019)

Hitachi Brand DT00911 = 299.00 / 90 Day Warranty

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